About us

Millex CNC is a small startup based in Barcelona. We are a team of engineers who came together with a sole purpose: revolutionize the marker’s community.

We have built this project out of enthusiasm, motivation and commitment.

Our main goal is to provide a high-quality CNC within a reasonable budget. How can we reach that goal you may reckon? We have adapted a new business concept. Millex CNC comes as a DIY kit which allows us to reduce expenses substantially.

We would like for all the makers out there to take a step forward both in their professional career or in their leisure activities. Millex CNC is what you have missing out! 

Millex CNC is designed to be easily assembled. If you have ever set up an IKEA furniture, assembling our CNC will not be much of a problem!

Let your inspiration grow out of its limits! Millex CNC will be ready for it!